Famous People in Japan

Oosawa Takao

Date of Birth 3 March 1968
Place of Birth Tokyo

Oosawa Takao is an actor. In 1987, when he was a student he became a model. He was active in fashion magazines and fashion shows. Then 2 years later, he performed on the stage for the Paris collection of Yoji Yamamoto.

In 1994 he made his debut as an actor in the movie "Shinjuku Yokubou Tanntei." The next year he appeared on the TV drama, "Hoshi no Kinnka" and he became a famous actor. In 1996 he acted a disabled person in the drama "Only You" and gained a good reputation. Other TV dramas he appeared on were "Kimi No Ita Natsu", "Wakamono No Subete" (1994), " Kamisan No waruguchi 2" (1995), and "Rennai Zenya" (1996 ). Also he appeared on the TV travel program "Shinya Tokkyuu" which showed another aspect of his talent .

He got married to singer, Hirose Koumi in 1999. Now he appears on the TV drama "Utukushii Hito" on Fridays.

His hobbies are boxing, diving, and weight training

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Reported by: Kaminishi Mihoko
Data verified by: Kinoshita Tomoko
Date of Report: December 1999

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