Famous People in Japan

Oogi Chikage

Date of Birth May 1933
Place of Birth Hyogo

Oogi Chikage is a member of the Koizumi Cabinet as the Minister for National Land and Transport, and she is the party leader of the Conservative Party.

She didn't aim at being a politician at first. To tell the truth, she was a stage actress.

After graduation of high school, she joined to Takarazuka opera company. She made her first appearance and also made her debut as a movie actress two years later. In 1957 she retired from Takarazuka opera company, and got married next year. After that, she continued an entertainment activity such as an actress and an emcee for about twenty years.

In 1977 whe she was 45, she was elected to the Upper House. She went through various positions and now she is a Minister of State.

As the Minister for National Land and Transport, she is faced with many problems; the challenge to " Forming of Balanced National Land for 21 century" which considers two things. One is Public interests and convenience by the transport maintenance and reconsideration, the other is the environment.

As one of her challenges, I can show the internationalization of Haneda Airport. She says that we need to think with global viewpoint better than with national one.

She has big ideas, but she is determined to handle the "Enforcement of Reform" positively.

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Reported by: Sato Yamamoto
Data verified by: Saori Ioka
Date of Report: January 2002

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