Famous People in Japan

Okuda Tamio

Date of Birth 12 May 1965
Place of Birth Hiroshima

Okuda Tamio is a famous musician. He was a member of a rock band whose name was Unicorn of which he was the vocalist.

Tamio started singing in a band when he was a junior high school student. After he graduated from high school, he continued musical activities as he went to a computer school. In 1985, Unicorn was formed and two years later they went up to Tokyo.

About six years ago, a band boom had arrived among young people in Japan, and many bands appeared in the musical world. Unicorn was also one of those popular bands. They won popularity and their songs became known little by little. Their concerts were always great. All fans who were there sang and danced with them, and went wild with excitement. Their fourth album, "Kedamono-no-arashi" received a prize.

But in 1993, Unicorn broke up. And now, Okuda Tamio sings songs for which he wrote and composed himself. Even solo, he is still popular with many people. He likes to go fishing, and he loves it so much that he rest his work for a year. So, he seems to write songs free from care but his songs are very nice, and especially his last songs give us close and intimate feeling.

He released his 1st album "29" and 2nd album "30". These title mean his age. His songs became very popular.Then now he is producing "Puffy" and he released the album "Shopping" with Inoue Yosui. We can often see him on the music programs on TV.

Reported by: Okumura Kumiko
Data verified by: Kaneshita Akiko
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Yosuke Murakami October 1997

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