Famous People in Japan

Okina Megumi

Date of Birth 6 August 1979
Place of Birth Tokyo

Okina Megumi is a very popular actress. When she was junior high school student, she made her debut on a TV drama. At that time she didn't attract everybody's attention. But she was very pretty and cute. So she became popular quickly, and her name is now known to everybody.

Her first appearance was in "PATEO". Since she appeared in TV dramas, she has performed in twenty of them. And she performed in eight commercials and released 7 compact discs. She is playing various parts actively. If we turn on television, we will be able to see her. Everybody looks forward to her future activity.

Now, she lives with her family. In the morning, her mother always awakes her. When she was student, she was very busy because she had not only to go to school, but also to do a job as an actress. So she couldn't have any private time. But she concentrate on her job and has had time to spare after she graduated from high school.

She became nineteen this year. But she said she wanted to become twenty, because she thinks nineteen is unfinished.

Recently she started to play the guitar. She said that some day she would like to make a song on the guitar.

References: Official home page of Megumi Okina http://www.megnow.com/~meg/meg.html

Reported by: Narui Ayumu
Data verified by: Tanaka Hiroo
Date of Report: December 1998

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