Famous People in Japan

Oh Sadaharu

Date of Birth 20 May 1940
Place of Birth Tokyo

When Oh Sadaharu entered high school, he took part in Koshien Tournaments each spring and summer, and he led his team to win the championship and set a record of no runs during 34 innings. He was converted from a pitcher to a first baseman as soon as he joined the Giants in 1959.

He became famous for his hitting form with one leg off the ground. He won a title of the home run king fifteen times and the triple crown twice continuously. At last, he hit 756 home runs to surpass the record which Hank Aaron had set. As a result of that, he won the first National Medal of Honor.

He seems to hit a home run whenever we hope for one. He led the Giants to win nine successive victories with Nagashima Shigeo who was clean-up batter for the Giants. He retired in 1980. He took up the post of manager from 1988 to 1992 for the Giants and nowadays, he is the manager of the Daiei Hawks.

References: JinmeiJiten Vol,1

Reported by: Inagaki Akiko
Data verified by: Kawashima Yukari
Date of Report: , November 1995
Updated by: Kayoko Ishihama, October 1998

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