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Ohguro Maki

Date of Birth December 31, 1969
Place of Birth Sapporo
Blood Type A

Ohguro Maki is one of the most famous and popular female singer-songwriter in Japan.

Her career as a songwriter began in her high school days. In 1992, she produced her first record "STOP MOTION". After her debut, her name soon became big. Her second single which was released three months later "DA. KA. RA" was used for the commercial for Nissin's Cup Noodle. The song sold like hot cakes and over a million copies were sold.

Before working on her own albums, she had been singing background vocals in recordings of B'z and TUBE, so she has focused on working and doing chorus for other folks (such as B'z, WANDS, ZARD and DEEN). Because of this, she never has time to tour and it makes her fans sad.

It is said that she has never appearecd on TV, but she has showed up on "Music Fair" just once.

In 1997 summer, at last she appeared on TV "Music Station".She sang some famous songs.

Her outspoken words and her husky voice charm us, so her songs were used for dramas and a cartoon, "slamdunk". Owing to them, most her songs are very much in the public eye.

Her Albums Date of Release
"STOP MOTION" 92/6/24
"DA. DA. DA" 93/4/28
"U. Be Love" 93/11/10
"Eien no yume ni mukatte" 94/11/9
"LA. LA. LA" 95/7/19
6. "BACK BEATs#1" 95/12/11
7. "POWER OF DREAMS" 97/8/6

Her Singles Date of Release
"STOP MOTION" 92/5/27
"DA. DA. DA" 92/9/23
"Chotto" 93/2/10
"Wakaremasyo Watashikara kiemashou Anatakara" 93/4/28
"Harlem Night" 93/7/28
"Anatadakemitsumeteru" 93/12/10
"Shiroi Gradation" 94/1/29
"Natsu ga kuru" 94/4/23
"Eien no yume ni mukatte" 64/10/5
"LA.LA.LA" 95/2/20
"Ichiban chikakuni itene" 95/5/3
"Ai shi te masu" 95/11/6
"Aa" 96/2/26
"Atsukunare" 96/7/8
"Unballance" 96/12/2
"Genki dashite" 97/3/26
"Sora" 97/5/28
"Ne!-Onna,Jyounetsu-" 98/2/25

Other CD

"Yu-utsu ha nemuranai"

Her Book

"Two Half"

References: "TV Talent Jimmei Jiten"

Reported by: Nagata Akiyo
Data verified by: Kitanaka Hiromi
Date of Report: September 1996

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