Famous People in Japan

Ogawa Naoya

Date of Birth March, 31 1968
Place of Birth Suginami Ward, Tokyo
Real Name Ogawa Naoya
Height 193cm
Weight 115kg
Association UFO(United Fighting Organization)

Ogawa Naoya started judo when he was a high school student. He entered Meiji University which is very prestigious in 1986. Then he became a champion among college students in Japan when he was a freshman there. It was the second time that a freshman won in those days. After that he became a free class champion in the world in 1987. He was the youngest in the history of the judo. He became a 95kg weight and a free class champion again in 1989. He won at a Japan judo championships from 1989 to 1993. He graduated from college of business administration at Meiji University in 1990. Next year he won three consecutive no limit championships in the World. He won a silver medal in the judo at the Barcelona Olympic Games. He won at a Japan judo championships in 1995 and 1996. It was the first parson who accomplished two consecutive championships two times. He took fifth place in the judo at the Atlanta Olympic Games.

He made his professional debut in 1997. He fought Hashimoto Shinya at Tokyo dome as a pro wrestler. He fought him no less than three times, but he is partnered with him in pro wrestling now.

He also challenged to play in a drama. He played Chinese on a television drama gFood Fight Specialh. He appeared on a serial television drama as a regular actor in the first time from October to December in 2001. He also appeared on a serial television drama gGolden Bowlh from April to June in 2002.

He is a pro wrestler, but he is a all-around as a martial artsf player at present. He participated in PRIDE GP 2004 which is martial artsf meet. He won Stefan Leko in the Opening Round and won Giant Silva in 2nd Round. He reached the semifinals which will be held in August in 2004.

References: http://www.ogawanaoya.com/index3.html
Reported by: Hiroshi Watanabe
Date of Report: June 8, 2004

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