Famous People in Japan

Ogasawara Mitsuo

Date of Birth 5 April 1979
Place of Birth Morioka, Iwate


Ogasawara Mitsuo was born April 5th in Morioka, Iwate. Now he is 23 years old. In summer 2000, he was married and he has a daugter now. By the way, he is a professional soccer player. Do you know him?

In 1998, he joined the Kashima Antlers. His position is mid-fielder and he wears number 8. He has ability in making plays and strong power of judgement so he is a leader on his team. Recently he was selected to Japan's National Team for his skills as a playmaker. In the future, surely he will be a leader in Japan, especially after he takes part in the World Cup 2002. I hope that he will be a great soccer player.I think he has wonderful potential.

I'm going to keep supporting him!

References: http://www.nifty.ne.jp/forum/fsoccer/j1/players/kashima/kashima_8.htm

Reported by: Lisa Tomimoto (Hokkaido Tokai University)
Data verified by: Keiya Matsui
Date of Report: September 2002

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