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Odani Misako

Date of Birth November 4, 1976
Place of Birth Miyazu, Kyoto

Odani Misako started classic piano when she was two years old. In her primary school days, she began to listen to the Beatles and the "Sound Of Music," and began to study English and to compose music. When she was a freshman in junior high school, she began to take lessons in singing from a professor of a university of music. In the summer of her senior year of high school, she went to Australia to study. Her piano and songs became popular with the students there. She also sang and played piano in front of 800 students.

After coming back to Japan, she met the manager of Hip Land Music through the introduction of her sister's friend. In March, 1996, she graduated from high school, and went to Los Angeles to produce her first album. On October 23, 1996, she released first single "Nageki no Yuki." This song received high praise, and she won the "JFN Listeners Award '96." Since then, she has released three albums and seven singles.

Nageki no yuki October 23, 1996
Jibun February 21, 1997
Eien ni nemuru April 23, 1997
The Stone October 22, 1997
Anata ha yattekuru November 21, 1997
Konna fuunisite owarumono October 21, 1998
Hinokawa February 21, 1999
Profile February 21, 1997
i December 3, 1997
Utaki March 25, 1999

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Reported by: Takahisa Mizutani
Data verified by: Ken Nishimura
Date of Report: December, 1999
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