Famous People in Japan

(Takami Ei)

Date of Birth 5 October 1934
Original Name Takami Yoshiaki

Takami Ei is an actor and a writer. He played the role of 'Noppo-san' for 24 years in a TV program called 'Dekirukana' which was very popular among children.

His style in the program was very comical. He put on a droll hat and wore narrow trousers with suspenders. Noppo-san was a character who didn't speak at all, but he was able to make anything with everyday materials. He was very clever with his fingers. He made a house with corrugated cardboard skillfully. He was an idol of all children in Japan. When the final program was broadcast, he spoke for the first time and surprised a lot of his fans.

After that he was been eagerly sought after by many schools because he always delivers a stimulating lecture. He was a scriptwriter of the program 'Hirake! Ponkikki' (for children) and was a writer of stories for children.

He appeared in a movie 'Tanpopo' and came on the stage of 'Noppo-san-no Kirakira-circus.' He also wrote a book 'Noppo-san-ga-shabetta-hi.'

Recently there is a "Print Club" with Nopposan's frame. ("Print Club" is a machine which can make picture seals.)

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Reported by: Sachiko Yoshida
Data verified by: Takae Miki
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Yuko Matsuo, May 1998

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