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Date of Birth 3 November 1963
Place of Birth Urawa-shi, Saitama
Real Name Yamada Nobuko

When Nokko was a student of the elementary school, she played the classic ballet every day. But when she was a second grade of the high school, her brother asked her to be a keyboarder for their rock band. This was the start of her musical life. She has a good voice so the members of the rock band decided that she should become to be a singer instead of their keyboarder. When she was a singer of the band group "REBECCA", they came to Tokyo.

When she was twenty-one years old, "REBECCA" released their first album with Nokko as the main vocalist. This year was very exciting one.

In 1991, when she was twenty-eight years old, "REBECCA" was disbanded. Nobody knows the reason why. Nokko went to America and prepared to sell her music by herself apart from her band.

In 1992, when she was twenty-nine years old she produced and released by herself the album "Hallelujah".

She wrote the lyrics for much of her music, too. But her private life was notso happy. She got married in 1990, she was a thirty years old but soon got divorced, in 1993. There have been many unhappy events for Nokko but these things have made her a bigger person.

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http://www.geocities.co.jp/Hollywood-Kouen/4254/index.html Nokko Hi-Koukai Homepage (in Japanese)

Reported by: Mayumi Shibakawa
Date of Report: January 1999

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