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Nishimura Tomomi

Date of Birth 17 December 1970
Place of Birth Yamaguchi

Tomomi Nishimura is a actress. She is a very funny person. She appears on Karakuri TV. This is a variety program.

She was a singer. She appeared on the musical "Peter Pan". She is very cute of course. My friend saw her, and my friend said her eyes were three times as large as ours. Her face was three times smaller than ours.

Tomomi Nishimura married Takumi Nishio. He was a singer too, but he is a businessman now. Tomomi Nishimura was born on December 17, 1970. She was born in Ube City in Yamaguchi Prefecture. She won the grand prize of the Miss Momoko Contest. This was a scout contest. This contest was much like the scout contest "Star Tanjyou". After that she joined the Toshiba-EMI record company and made first record. The name of the CD was "Yumeiro-Message".

After that she made her debut movie. "Donmathugorou-no-bouken". This movie was very popular. She also appeared in other movies including "Yonigeya-honpo""Bonchan-no-yume""Hadakanotaishou".

Recently she appears on TV the variety program "Sanma's Super Karakuri Tv.".

She married about one year ago at a theme park.

References: "The biographical dictionary(jinmei jiten)"

Reported by: Yasuko Hashizume
Data verified by: Reiko Takaya
Date of Report: July 1998

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