Famous People in Japan

Nishimura Masahiko

Date of Birth December 12, 1960
Place of Birth Toyama

Nishimura Masahiko's blood type is A, and his hobbies are cooking, playing the clarinet, bowling, and taking photos.

In 1980, he started being involved in a non-professional dramatic performance group. It was a chance to try to become a professional actor. In 1987, he was involved in 'Tokyo Sun Shine Boys'. Chairman of the group is the famous editor, Kouki Mitani.

Nishimura played many, many kinds of characters in dramatic performances on stage. Some characters were so cool, some characters were so poor. His famous characters were in "Twelve Docile Japanese" (transfer mine), in "RYOMA GA YUKU", in "Show Must Go On", in "Warai No Daigaku", etc.....

He played some characters in TV dramas, too. His famous shows were "Hurikaereba Yatuga Iru", "Keibuho Furuhata Ninnzaburou", "Ousama No Resutoran", etc.

He has many faces as an actor. And his characters also have some personalities in each performance, so he is a very good actor.

He has good style, so he got best dressed prize. His hair is thin, but he looks so good because of it.

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This article compliments of Michael Shawback's Internet class at Ryukoku University, Kyoto

Reported by: Hattori Nao
Data verified by: Minamiya Chika
Date of Report: October 1998

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