Famous People in Japan

Ninety Nine

Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Okamura Takashi 3 July 1970 Osaka
Yabe Hiroyuki 23 October 1971 Osaka

Ninety Nine is composed of two men, Takashi Okamura and Horoyuki Yabe. They were born in Osaka. After Yabe graduated from high school in Osaka, he asked Okamura who was a university student in those days to enter Yosimoto company together.

And they entered comedian school called Yoshimoto company. Because they were the ninety-nineth students in Yoshimoto's school, they named themselves Ninety Nine.And then they can get most valuable new award in the ABC Grand Prix. And they can get new in Blue Ribbon award too.

Today they have a lot of TV and radio programs. They also have TV programs that start from seven or eight o'clock. (That TV programs are called golden TV programs and many comedians hope to have that.) And they become one of the most famous comedians in Japan.

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Reported by: Kusunoki Yasunobu
Data verified by: Yamamoto Makoto
Date of Report: July 1998

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