Famous People in Japan


Name Part Place of Birth
Yuki Vocals Japan
Kate Pierson Vocals America
Takemi Shima Conceptual and visual agent provocateur Japan
Masahide Sakuma Guitars,Keyboards,Bass,and Programing Japan
Mick Karh Bass America
Steven Wolf Drums and Percussion America

NiNa is a music group. It is organized by 6 people; Yuki, Kate Pierson, Takemi Shima, Masahide Sakuma, Mick Karh and Steven Wolf. They released the 1st single "Happy Tomorrow" on July 14. It was used as a theme song of the TV drama. The 2nd single is "Aurora Tour". They have just released their 1st album "NiNa" on November 1. This album appeared went up to 3rd on the Olicon Ranking.

20 years ago, Masahide and Takemi were members of Plastics which was a music group playing new wave music. New wave was the rage in Japan at that time so their music was popular. Kate is a vocalist of The B-52's which is an American music group and also plays the new wave music. Plastics and The B-52's hold a concert together 20 years ago. Masahide, Takemi and Kate have known each other since then. Masahide is a producer of JUDY AND MARY and Yuki is a vocalist of the group. In 1999 both JUDY AND MARY and The B-52's rest from their activity. Then NiNa appeared! Their music is new -- a mixture of American and Japanese music.



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Reported by: Eri Ikeda
Date of Report: November, 1999

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