Famous People in Japan

Narita Ikumi

Date of Birth 1.January 1971
Place of Birth Hokkaido

Narita Ikumi is famous volley ball player. She began to volley ball when she was 13 years old. She will compete in the Athens Olympic Games.

When she was fifteen years old, she was selected as All-Hokkaido Junior High School Volleyball team. Then she went on to a Asahikawa Jissen High School which is a prestigious school for volleyball. After complete a course, she join NEC Red Rokets which is famous for volleyball. In 1996, she participated in Atlanta Olympic. Everyone thinks highly of her receiving, attack and serve--every play. In 2001,she retired from an active life because she was injured her leg. Then, she became a special coach of Hokkaido Volleyball Association.

This year, she is married to Narita Mamoru. At the same time , she returned as player of Hisamitu Springs team.

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Reported by: Ayaka Takeda
Date of Report: July 2004

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