Famous People in Japan

Nakayama Miho

Date of Birth 1 March 1970
Place of Birth Tokyo

Nakayama Miho is an "idol" She is both a singer and an actress. She made her debut in 1985. She looked quite mature for her age at the time. And now she is becoming more and more beautiful.

She often appears on TV dramas. For example "Maido Osagawaseshimasu" in which she made her debut, and "Mama WA idol." Recently, she appeared on "Oishii Kankei which was a popular TV drama."

On the other hand, she has also had many popular songs, "C", "Sekaijuno Dareyori Kitto" and "HERO." She participated in the "Kouhaku-Utagassen" for the first time in 1988.

Now she appears on TV commercial for "Kirin Ichibanshibori" and "Kanebo Balloon."

She is admired by many people especially young men and women. Young women yearn for her. And a lot of women try to model themselves on her makeup, hair style, and clothes. She impresses a lot of people favorably.

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Reported by: Matsuo Yuko
Data verified by: Mizutani Yuko
Date of Report: July 1998

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