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Nakatani Miki

Date of Birth 12 January 1976
Place of Birth Tokyo

Nakatani Miki made a duo group "KEY WEST CLUB" with Keiko Higashi in 1994. They released a single , " Oatsurae mukino Destiny " They release another single , "Yumewa majoruka Senyorita" in 1994.

After she released solo single "Mind Circus" produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto in 1996. She also released CD "Syokumotsurensa".

She started to attract people's attention with a commercial for Shiseido and Nihonsekiyu from 1993.

Then she started to perform dramas. By performing many dramas and movies, her acting became better. The movies that she performed for the first time was "Daishitsuren" in 1995. Her latest movie was the horror movie, "Rasen" . Although she said that she disliked horror movies, she performed excellently.

Although she continues to play an active part in various fields, the style of working as an actress seems to be main work for herself.

She has created her own homepage. We can get her latest information and see her diary

Entertainment Profile
TV Programs
1993CX"Hitotsu Yane no Shita"-Guest Appearance
1994NTV"Yokohama Shinjuu"-weekly Cast
1994NTV"Touyama Kinshirou Biyoushitsu"-weekly Cast
1995TBS"Chounan no Yome 2"-weekly Cast
1996YTV"Oretachi ni Kiwo Tsukero"-weekly Cast
1996ANBShounibyoutou-Inochi no Kisetsu"-weekly Cast
1997TBS"Huzoroi no Ringo Tachi"-weekly Cast
1998CX"Days"-weekly Cast
1998TBS"Koi no Tamerai"-weekly Cast
1995Toei Films"Daishitsuren"
1995Kss Films"Berlin"
"Fuzoroino Ringotachi 4"

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References: Kansai Walker Interview page, 1997

Reported by: Satou Naomi
Data verified by: Mizutani Yuuko
Date of Report: July 1998

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