Famous People in Japan

Nakata Hidetoshi

Date of Birth 22 January 1977
Place of Birth Yamanashi

Nakata Hidetoshi began to play soccer when he was in the third grade. He entered Nirasaki high school. The soccer club of Nirasaki high school couldn't take part in national soccer championship but he was selected as a youth representative in 1992. The next year his team was among the best eight for the world youth championship. He always played in an active part in the world youth championship in 1995 or Atlanta Olympics in 1996. In the Atlanta Olympics, Japan won the victory from Brazil.

Last year, he entered the top team of Japan, and Japan can first take part in France world cup for him.

Now he belongs to Bellmare Hiratsuka in professional league. His position is mid fielder and he is cool and clever. The audience is always fascinated with his play. Everybody hopes him to help win the world cup in France.

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Reported by: Narui Ayumu
Data verified by: Shimada Masato
Date of Report: July 1998

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