Famous People in Japan

Nakamura Tamao

Date of Birth 12 July 1939
Place of Birth Kyoto
Real Name Okumura Tamao

Tamao is an actress and a TV personality. When she was 14 years old, she made her appearance for the first time for "Keiko to Yukie". Then in 1954, she became an actress under contract with Taiei. She changed her name to Nakamura Tamao as a screen name.

In 1962 she became a free actress. Then she appeared on TV and on the stage. For example, she appeared in "Hashinonaikawa" and "Sanmanotakokusekigun" and "SanmanosupakarakuriTV" etc.

In 1959, she got married to Katsu Shintarou. Then she had two children.

In 1986, she published her autobiography, "Ahonaonna". It is an autobiography.

Now, she appears in a TV movie "Akimahende". She plays a housekeeper in that TV movie. She seems to learn words by heart in earnest. She always speaks Kansai language. So of course she speaks it in the TV movie. References: Gendai Jinmei Jiten 98

Reported by: Kobayashi Maki
Data verified by: Okamoto Emiko
Date of Report: December 1998

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