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Nakamura Shunsuke

Date of Birth 24 June 1978
Place of Birth Yokohama

Nakamura Shunsuke was the youngest of a family of four. When he was 5 years old, he started playing soccer. He joined the local soccer club team, Fukazono. He was elected the city team and took part in an away match. The basis of his dribble technique was made when he was 5th and 6th grade in elementary school. He practiced drillingeveryday, all the time.

Yokahama Fukatani Junior High School is a 10 minute walk from his home. He commuted to school for 3 years. He didn't join soccer club in school.He joined Nissan junior team. He went on to Keiko Gakuen which is a famous school for soccer boys. When he was in the 3rd grade, his team won the second prize of "The All Japan High School Soccer Championship".

In 1997, he graduated from high school and joined the professional soccer team "Yokohama Marinos". The 3rd league match he marked 3 assists. The first year of professional soccer, he attracted the attention of many supporters. In 1998, the World Cup was held in France. Unfortunately, he wasn't selected as main player for Japan, but he was the essential player for the Yokohama F Marinos. Finally, he will do what we have hope. He must lead the Japanese soccer team for the 2002 NIKKAN World Cup.

Nick Name Syunsuke Syun
Hobby Soccer
Favorite Music Mr. Children.
Car Bentiz
Favorite lady Big Eyes
Uniform Number 10

J league career
1997 4/16 VS GAMBAOOSAKA debut
5/3 J league first goal
'97 27matches 5 goals
1998 '98 33matches 9 goals
1999 '99 26matches 7 goals
1 assist in Nabisco Cup
J-league Best Eleven award
2000 J-league First Stage Victory


(BOOK) Genius lefty Nakamura Syunsuke.
Spa Soccer NO013.
(HOMEPAGE)Nakamura Syunsuke HP (in Japanese)
Reported by: Misa Yoshikawa
Data verified by: Mayumi Kubo
Date of Report: December 2001
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