Famous People in Japan

Nakamura Ryu

Date of Birth 11 September 1976
Place of Birth Kanagawa

Nakamura Ryu is one of the most popular actors among young women in Japan. He has been an actor since 1994.

In 1994, he debuted on the drama "Ari yo Saraba", it was the program about a high school. He played the part of the student. Also, he appeared on drama "Hakusen Nagashi".

He was born in Kamakura near by sea, so he naturally began to go surfing. When he was 13 years old, he was affected by the neighboring woman, and started surfing. He gradually came to be absorbed in surfing. He is light, so he has the original surfing boats cut to be suitable for him. He has about 13 boats in the home. His skill in surfing is as equal to a pro surfer.

Now (1999) he aims to become a pro surfer. He failed to pass the test last year(1998). But he was disappointed at failure. He is training positively now. He really likes riding on waves. He hope that he'll continue surfing by an old man.

He has s strong personality. But he is natural with other people and very frank.

References: The magazine "Can Cam",1999

Reported by: Kawamura Sachika
Data verified by: Kawaguchi Ayami
Date of Report: December 1999

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