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Date of Birth 28 Juanuary 1978
Original name Mitsuru Nakamura
Place of Birth Saga

326 is the pen name of Mitsuru Nakamura. He is a pop artist. He does various works such as he writes words for music, poems and picture books, and does illustrations.

He grew up in Saga Prefecture. After he had graduated from high school, he started creative activity with going to a design professional school in Fukuoka. He sold his original goods in free markets and department stores and held a one-man exhibition. He had the enthusiastic support of the young people, and his local TV station "NHK Fukuoka" produced his documentary program in 1997 autumn. It created a great sensation, and each of the mass media started to pay attention to him one after another.

Then, his creative activity shifted from Fukuoka to Tokyo in 1998 winter, and his activity areas spread the whole country. While he held a one-man exhibition in Tokyo and published his collection of words, he started to serialize an illustration of famous singer.

His activity areas spread more and more. He has been in charge of writing words and doing visual produce for a fork duo. They have been the great support of the young people. He also writes words for songs and produces promotion videos of other singers at present.

Then, he published his collection of essay, picture books and so on, and opened "326 Shop" (which been sold his original goods) the whole country. Furthermore, he produces a poster illustration of movie, a package design of beer and characters used on brands of many kinds of goods.

His talent has no limit. He works visual producer of music game soft. He is serializing an illustration, poems and essay in series in three magazines, and has a regular of TV and radio program.

A following poems is one of his works that I love.

"It takes me until sleeping at night
to consider new excuse that I can't start to run today, too. "
He proudly says.
You can't live one day except "today" in your whole life
as long as you are alive.
Therefore, I think that
"Tomorrow" you say repeatedly
is "Tomorrow" at that point,
and is also "Tomorrow" in the future.


Reported by: Inagaki Akiko
Data verified by: Gotou Yuki
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Ito Junko October, 1997
Updated by: Miyuki Nakanishi, October 1998

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