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Nakajima Ramo

Date of Birth 3 April 1952
Place of Birth Hyogo

Nakajima Ramo is a writer, planner, copywriter and an illustrator. He is president of a dramatic company, Riripatto Army.

He was born April 3rd in 1952. He is from Amagasaki city in Hyogo prefecture. His real name is Hiyoyuki Nakazima. He graduated Osaka Art University. He majored in broadcasting. He worked at a printing company and then entered a copy writing school in Osaka. Then in 1981, he got a job at Nikkou, a broadcasting agency. He did advertisements for Kanetetsu Derika Foods and became popular. He became the business planning chief of his section.

In 1987 he founded Nakagima Ramo office in Osaka. He played an role in many areas while writing. For example he answered the advice column, Cheerful Worry Counsel Room in the Asahi newspaper, managed organizations, appeared on TV programs and wrote essays for magazines. He established the Laughing Away Corps, Riripatto Army in 1986 and is the president of the company. In 1996, he left and organized the band, PISS.

He has written a lot of books and won many prizes. For example, he got the TCC Associate New Artist award in 1983, the Best New Artist award in the Yoshikawa Hideharu Literature Contest in 1992 for "Tonight In All Bars", and the 47th Japan Detective Novelist Association Prizein 1994 for "A Pig Of Gadara". He has written many other pieces including "The Inside of My Head Itches", "The Night For A Manikin", "The Power of Idiots in Naniwa", "Feeling Like Water".

He has also written lots of plays including "Aftermoon Of X-rays", "Mr.Baby", "The Whole Life Of Children", "Red Neck Blues", "Sementorabas". In 1996, one of his plays attracted an audience of over 10,000.

He visited Kyoto Sangyo University last November to give a lecture at the Koyama University Festival with some members of Riripatto Army. He talked with Mr.Yamauchi, one of the members and sang and played the guitar. He offered Nakazima Ramo's Cheerful Worry Counsel Room and answered our questions.

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Reported by: Okuda Chika
Data verified by: Inoue Tomoko
Date of Report: July 1998

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