Famous People in Japan

Nakagaichi Yuichi

Date of Birth 2 November, 1967
Place of Birth Fukui
Height 193cm
Weight 90kg

Yuichi Nakagaichi is the most wonderful attackers in Japan national volleyball team. He is a captain of the team.

He started playing volleyball when he was junior high school student. However, he had made remarkable progress in volleyball since he entered Tsukuba University.

In 1988 he carried off the spike prize in the Kanto volleyball league, and leaped into fame as a attacker. In that year, he joined Japan national volleyball team at last, did a very good job in the World Cup.

In 1989 he entered a company named Shinnittetsu(New Japan Steel), joined the volleyball team that the company managed, and became a mainstay in the team. And in 1992 he took part in the Seoul Olympic games. Though Japan national volleyball team couldn't win any medals, his play was wonderful. And his nick name "Gaichi" has become popular since then. He plays an important role in Japanese volleyball.

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1994

Reported by: Izawa Motonari
Date of Report: November 1995,
Updated by: Nishio Akiko, May 1996
Updated by: Aya Uhara,October 1998

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