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Naito Takashi

Date of Birth May 27,1955
Place of Birth Osaka

Naito Takashi is 43 years old. He dropped out of the Movie Department, at the Art College of Nihon University. He then went through the Bungakuza Institute and joined the world of entertainment.

He made his debut in "Hipokurasu Tachi" directed by Omori Kazuki in 1980. He was popular, playing the role of a gangster who has a very strong personality. He appeared in "Senjo no Merry Christmas" directed by Oshima Nagisa in 1982. This film was taken notice of, and later he became very active as an actor, in movies, TV dramas and on stage. He was awarded the Best Suppoting Actor at Takasagi Movie Festival for "Maboroshi no Hikari" in 1995.

He appeared in "Ienakiko". This means child who does not have a home. This TV drama was very popular and often used the phrase "If you pity me, give me money!!". He played the role of main part's father who is very bad. His name was known to the world by this dramas. After this drama, he continued appearing in TV dramas until now. For example, "Jinsei ha joujouda" and "Ryomani Omakase" were very popular. In these dramas, he co-stared with Hamada Masatoshi who is comedian. They are good friends.

Now Naito appears in "Ninkimono de ikou" which is a variety show and Hamada Masatoshi's program. Ninkimono means popular person.

Also, he appears in several TV commercials. We often see TV commercials of video camera "Ekisho handikam" which is produced by SONY. He plays a role of a nice father and shows a very interesting character.

Recently he also published an essay. That book jacket gave a strong impression, because he painted his body and did not wear clothes.

Now he is very popular, but he does not play a main part. He will probably continue to be active in the future.

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This article compliments of Michael Shawback's Internet class at Ryukoku University, Kyoto

Reported by: Matsumoto Keiko
Data verified by: Adachi Fumika
Date of Report: October 1998

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