Famous People in Japan

Nagase Masatoshi

Date of Birth 15 July 1966
Place of Birth Miyazaki
Blood Type B

Nagase Masatoshi is one of the most famous film actors in Japan. Many of his supporters of him are from the younger generations. He has a great influence in the world of fashion and film. His career is as follows.

When he was a high school student, he was dissatisfied with the principles of the school. When he was sixteen years old, he was tired of high school life, so he auditioned for the film "Shonben Rider", and won his first role. Then, he moved to Tokyo from Miyagi, and he made his debut as an actor in 1983.

First, he couldn't appear on films, because he failed the auditions many times. He had to appear on teleplays unwillingly, and he had to live in a small and dirty apartment. While he was free, he saw many kinds of films. Though he appeared on TV frequently, he came to stick to films.

In 1990, he played the leading role in Jim Jarmusch's film "Mystery Train". During the shooting, he quite agreed with Jarmusch's thoughts and behavior, and he started to have confidence in his own ability as an international actor. Then he played the leading role in the film "Musuko" directed by Yamada Youji, and he was highly regarded as an international actor in 1991. After that, he played in many kinds of roles, and his performance aroused many people's response. He plays a detective in a popular film series called "Hama Mike."

In his private life, in 1995, he married Koizumi Kyoko who was one of the most famous talents in Japan. The photo exhibition of him which theme was the life with her was often talked about.

Last year, he established his own management office "Rocket Punch" independently. Now, his performance is not only in film but also in photo and music. The other day, he released the album "Vending Machine. His work, fashion, and thoughts are strongly individual, and many people are influenced by him.

He played a young detective in "Yukai" recently. He was happy that he could play together with Tetsuya Watari who is a famous Japanese actor.

Year Filmography Teleplays
1983 "Shonben Rider"
"YorunoHigh Way"
1987 "Mama wa idol"(TBS)
1988 "Melodrama"
1990 "Mystery Train"
"Bakayaroh 3"
1991 "Sounoshigoto"
"Asian Beat I love Nippon"
1992 "Shindemoii"
1994 "Wagajinseisaiakunotoki"
1995 "Harukanajidainokaidanwo"
"Cold Fever"
1996 "Wana"
"Gakkou 2"

"Wagajinseisaiakunotoki", "Harukanajidainokaidanwo", and "Wana" are shows in the "Hama Mike" series.

References: Cinemadehero written by Kiichi Mutoh, Chikuma books, 1995

Reported by: Mochizuki Hiroko
Data verified by: Takagi Rie
Date of Report: July 1996
Updated by: Yuki Hattori October 1997
Updated by: Kayoko Tsuchikawa, May 1998

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