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My Little Lover

Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Akko 10 January 1973 Tokyo
Fujii Kenji 8 March 1969 Hiroshima
Kobayashi Takeshi 1959 ?

My Little Lover is the group consisting of two men and a woman.

The vocalist is AKKO. Her original name is Akiko Akamatsu. When she was five years old, she started to play the piano. When she was eighteen years old, she entered Kunitachi Ongaku University.

Kenji Fujii is the guitarist of the group. When he was junior high school student, he started to play the guitar. After he produced three records, he helped other artists, Yoshito Teraoka and his friends and Misato Watanabe. Then, he came to join My Little Lover as the guitarist.

In Akko's senior year (1995) she made friends with Takeshi Kobayashi who had been a music producer for over 10 years. He wrote and arranged many songs. Moreover he helps many artists to release records, and he made the film, "es" -- the theme of es.

They debuted by releasing the record, Men and Woman. This song become famous in the Kinki area at first, and it was known by many listeners after a while. When they debuted with their first song, there had been only two members, AKKO and Kenji Fujii. After several months, Takeshi Kobayashi joined them.

They released first album "Evergreen". It sold very well. Then AKKO and Takeshi Kobayashi got married and AKKO bore their baby.

They released only singles for about two yeaes. Then they released second album, "Presents". Now, they are recording for their next album.

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Reported by: Tadashi Murakami
Data verified by: Asano Fumihide
Date of Report: September 1996

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