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Muroi Shigeru

Date of Birth October 22, 19xx(She doesn't annocnce that year officially.)
Place of Birth Toyama

Moroi Shigeru made her debut at "Kaze No Uta O Kike" movie by Kazuki Omori. Then, she has appeared on 30 works. Her most important movie is "Izakaya Yurei" which was made in 1994. She won 6 prizes of the greatest supporting actress on this work. The latest work is "Big Show" on May 15th 1999.

She appeared on TV in 1984. She is most famous for her appearance on "Papa Wa News Caster" which is a comedy program playing with Masakazu Tamura. That TV program was very popular. Then, her video work-"Yappari Neco Ga Suki" from 1988 to 1991 attracted many people. It is also a comedy with just 3 women. Recently,that video was published the tenth anniversary. The interesting TV program is "Susume Denpa Shonen". This program is that she began traveling Turkey with just five thousand yen to meet Saruganseki, who traveled by a hitchhiking. She had very difficulties to meet them. It took her one week. This detail journey is written in her book "Sutupin Tamashii" After two years later,she appeared on the same program again. Nextly, She traveled to Thailand for the purpose of selling her cassette tapes. It seemed very hard travel, but it made us to watch that program to know her continuous way.

Not only as a performer but also as an essayist she is very active. She had released her book "Mukatukuze" in 1991. She has published six essays until now. The magazine "Shukan Bunshyu",which is published on every Thursday ran her essay as a serial from 1996. Also, she has appeared 11 commercials. To put it concretely alcoholic drinks by SUNTORY on TV in 1996 and commercials for Turkey by Turkish government tourist authorities from 1997.

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Date of Report: October 1999

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