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Murayama Tomiichi

Date of Birth 3 March 1924
Place of Birth Oita

Tomiichi Murayama was born in Sumiyoshi-cho which was famous as a fishing town and he's the sixth child of eleven brothers and sisters. When he graduated from Oita Elementary School, most of his friends started to work, but he entered a junior high school under the old system (Tokyo Municipal Commercial High School) by himself. Then, he worked days and went to school nights. After graduation, he went on to a Faculty of Politics and Economics of Meiji University in Tokyo on 1942 and studied hard.

In 1946, when he was twenty-seven years old, he stood for the election of Oita-municipal assembly, but he was unsuccessful. After that, he ran again and won. Then he also entered the Social Democratic Party of Japan (SDPJ) and became a member of Oita prefectural assembly later.

In 1972, he married his wife, Yoshie, and he was elected in the 33th general election and became a member of the Diet. He had been joining the Social and Labor Committee and worked for medical service, welfare, and pension as his life works. He was interested in labor problems.

He also became the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and the Steering Committee, and was elected as the chairman of the SDPJ on 1993.

Finally, on 25 June, 1994, Tomiichi Murayama was helped by the Liberal Democratic Party, the SDPJ and the Sakigake, and beat Toshiki Kaifu from the opposition parties and became the 81st prime minister. In January of 1996 he was succeeded by Hashimoto Ryutaro, the 82nd prime minister.

The books which he wrote are "Your pension" and "In order to protect the peace Constitution".

Tomiichi Murayama & Ryutaro Hashimoto compared

References: "The prime minister, Murayama Tomiichi (Saisho Murayama Tomiichi)" written by Ryousei Shinomiya

Reported by: Matsumoto Shinji
Data verified by: Hisada Maiko
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated: June 1996

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