Famous People in Japan

Motoyama Masashi

Date of Birth 25 January 1980
Place of Birth Fukuoka

He was a Japanese World Youth member. I like his performances during his game. His dribble makes the audience excited. It is beautiful and cool. His body balance is perfect. No one can take his soccer ball. He outstrips one person, two persons and three, four and shoot!!

He was elected the best eleven at the 1999 World Youth game in Nigeria. Anothern player was also elected in Japan. His name was Ono Shinji. He is also one of the most wonderful players in the world. Both of them are young players who will change Japanese future in the soccer world. They are the same age as me. Now they are 19, but I want Motoyama to become a Japanese ace.

I'm sure they will get glory, the World Cup Championship in the future as Japanese delegates. Let's assist the Japanese soccer team.

References: Soccer magazine.

Reported by: Kazuhiro Nakagawa
Data verified by: Masapiro Asakawa
Date of Report: December 1999
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