Famous People in Japan

Motoki Masahiro

Date of Birth 21 December 1965
Place of Birth Saitama

Motoki Masahiro is a famous actor who is playing an active part in movies, dramas and TV commercials. He appeared in the drama for the first time "2 nen B-kumi Senpachi Sensei" in 1981. The next year, he formed "Shibugakitai" together with Yakumaru Hirohide and Fukawa Toshikazu, and made his singing debut with "Nai Nai 16." He became the member of the top idol group and got each awards for Best New Artist. Since 1986, he had a lot of opportunity make appearances by himself and "Shibugakitai" dissolved with the last concert on November in 1988. After that, he continued his activities. He appeared in the film "Shiko Funjatta" and was admired for his great performance. He won the Leading Actor prize in the Japanese Academy Awards in 1993.

He got married to Uchida Yayako who is the daughter of Uchida Yuya, the singer and Kiki Kirin, the actress. Yayako is the only daughter of them, so Motoki Masahiro was adopted into the Uchida family. They celebrated the wedding on July 7 in 1995 when Yayako was only nineteen years old. He approached her while she was studying in America. He is eleven years older than her, however, he spends the life of newly married happily beyond the difference of age.

In 1997, a child was born to them. He has become a father. Masahiro and Yayako named the baby "Uta".So they are happy now.

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1994

Reported by: Maiko Hisada
Data verified by: Takae Miki
Date of Report: November.1995
Updated by: Yuki NakazuMay, 1998