Famous People in Japan

Mori Yoko

Date of Birth 15 November 1940
Place of Birth Shizuoka
Date of Death July 6, 1993

Mori Yoko is famous Japanese novelist. She studied the violin when she was in the Tokyo College of Art, but she gave up becoming a musician, and she worked in Asahi Advertising Company about for three years. After that, she married an Englishman who was a copywriter in 1964, and she became mother of three daughters.

She began to write her first novel when her daughters were grown up and she did not have to take care of them. In 1970, she was given the Subaru-Bungaku prize for "Jogi", then, her hard writing work began. She published a lot of novels and essays one after another.

She was influenced by Sagan and her sentences always include the atmosphere of woman living in the city. She wrote about love affairs, jealousy, and estrangements between men and women. Many women want to be a heroine in her stories and fall in attractive love. She went on being a writer and a housewife to the last. She died of cancer in 1993, but her works are still alive being loved by many readers.

Reported by: Kato Yukiko
Data verified by: Yamazoe Megumi
Date of Report: November 1996
Updated by: Hisako Kinoshita October, 1997

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