Famous People in Japan

Morishima Hiroaki

Date of Birth 30 April 1972
Place of Birth Hiroshima


Morishima Hiroaki is one of the most famous football players in Japan. He was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1972, now he is 30 years old. His height is 168cm. He is not tall as a player, but can run fast and can score goals.

He graduated from Tokai Dai-Ichi High School. In 1991, he belonged to FC Yanmar which is Cerezo Osaka now. Now he is a player of the national team. In 1998, he played as a MF player in the World Cup games. Japan competed against Argentina, Croatia and Jamaica, but they were stronger opponents than expected. Japan lost all the games, so Morishima deeply regretted the team's poor result.

In 2001, his team, Cerezo Osaka was relegated to Division 2 because of their bad result. But Morishima stayed with the team and didn't transfer to another team in Division 1. Many Japanese were surprised by this! He is a key player of the Japanese national team now, so he will naturally play in the World Cup games in 2002.

We should see his good play then and he'll be a remarkable player for all spectators!!

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Reported by: Yuki Tashima (Hokkaido Tokai University)
Data verified by: Keiya Matsui
Date of Report: September 2002

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