Famous People in Japan

Morimura Yasumasa

Place of Birth Osaka
Date of Birth 1951

Morimura Yasumasa is a famous artist. His works such turning himself into the "Mona Lisa" by making up himself like a woman, are really interesting. So, his own self-portraits, which make himself into masterpieces every one know wells, hit the public taste and many art critics set high value on his works in the world. He turn into not only "Mona Risa" also many other famous persons like Van Gogh and Marilyn Monroe.

He graduated from Kyoto City University of Art in 1978. Then he helpd exhibitions all around Japan and at the same time also published books for beginners about his art.

He doubts the accepted ideas. His activities make the audience inquire about the accepted values. Now, He is really popular with people in the world. Recently, he held an exhibition of his own works in Paris and became popular in France.

References: http://www.dnp.co.jp/museum/nmp/nmp_j/people/y-morimura.html.

Reported by: Daigo Iwai

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