Famous People in Japan

Moritaka Chisato

Date of Birth 11 April 1969
Place of Birth Kumamoto

Chisato Moritaka is a popular singer. One of her attractions is her slender legs so she wears a miniskirt whenever she appears on television. She made her debut as a singer in 1988.

She is a singer song writer and she can play the drum, guitar and piano. Her songs are about love. She describes the heart of girls who is worry about love. As her songs are impressive, they are often used in TV commercials.

Her most popular song is "When I got older." The lyrics say ' When I got older, will you love me as well as you love me now? I am anxious because you like youngsters.' This is sometimes sung at weddings.

She had a throat disease and temporarily lost her voice about two years ago. But she recovered completely and has been making hits of popular songs one after another.

Recently, she appeared on TV commercials. For example "LAWSON" in 1997 and "Milk Chocolate" in 1996.

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References: Kansai Walker 10/1995

Reported by: Mariko Matano
Data verified by: Maiko Hisada
Date of Report: 10 November 1995
Updated by: Yosuke Murakami October 1997

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