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Mongol 800

 Date of BirthPlace of Birth Real NamePart
UezuFebruary 1981OkinawaUezu KiyosakuBass, Vocal
TakazatoOctober 1980OkinawaGima TakashiGuitar
GimaAugust 1980OkinawaTakazato TakashiDrums


Mongol 800 is a music group who is from Okinawa. Their music is melodic punk rock. Punk music is out of date, but they are up to date. Their live act always heats up. At the least some of the audience will be moved on account of their live performances.

When they were high school students, Mongo 800 members were Uezu (bass, vocals), Takazato (drums,vocals), and Gima (guitar, vocals). They released their first album "Go On As You Are" in 1999. This album was a hit in Okinawa and Tokyo with its pleasant sound.

They released their second album, "Message" in 2001 and topped the Oricon rankings. The sound of this album is upbeat and impressive. They have become top musicians with this album.

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Reported by: Kenji Hokoi (Hokkaido Tokai University)
Data verified by: Naomi Fujimoto
Date of Report: September 2002

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