Famous People in Japan

Mizumoto Akira

Date of Birth July 1,1969
Place of Birth Ehime

Akira Mizumoto is a multi-talented entertainer. He is active as a writer, an editor, a musician, a web designer, a DJ and a MC in TV programs such a 'Music Root' and 'Gekiriku' on Spaceshower TV.

He attended Tokyo Zoukei University. After graduation, he worked in record shop 'Manual Of Errors' as the manager, at the same time, he started to work as writer and editor. Now he became a free-lance writer and we can read his work in magazines like 'Relax' 'Marque' and 'Asayan'.

He took the chair of TV program 'Music Root' from 1998 to 2001. He became famous thanks to this program. These days he makes a lot of DJ/remixer's works, he released CDs and have made a lot of provincial DJ tours with his partner Hibiki Tokiwa.

His tour schedule is at following URL:

Now he has a slide show called 'Rockn' Roll Sliders' and makes many provincial tour.

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Reported by: Shuhei Ueda
Data verified by: Tohru Kobayashi
Date of Report: November 2001
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