Famous People in Japan

Mizuki Shigeru

Date of Birth 3 August 1922
Place of Birth Tottori

Mizuki Shigeru is a famous cartoonist. He left Musashino art school and he lost his left hand in the Ravaul front of World War 2. Then he made a living by picture show (Kamishibai) and rental comic books. In 1957, he made his debut as a cartoonist "Rocketman"(A rocket boy). After that he draw a lot of other comics.

His major works are "Gegegeno Kitarou", "Akumakun" (A devil boy). They were televised and were popular. So all Japanese know about it.

His studies on 'youkai' (ghosts) and fairy are also well known. They often appear in his works. There were many Japanese traditionally ghosts, for example Konakijijii (A crying old man) and Sunakakebaba (A old sand women). The youkai that he painted do not look dreadful but rather give a friendly feelings.

References: 'Gendaijinmeizukan'

Reported by: Nakazu Yuki
Data verified by: Matsuo Yuko
Date of Report: December 1998

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