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Miyazawa Rie

Date of Birth 6 April 1973
Place of Birth Tokyo

Miyazawa Rie is a young Japanese actress. She is famous for having good relations with her mother who is called "Riemama". She is her daughter's adviser and often acts with her. Rie thinks of her mother like a friend.

When she was eleven, she debuted as a model of children's wear, and she appeared on many TV commercials. For example, "POCARI SWEAT".

In 1988, she made her screen debut on "Our Seven Days War" produced by Kadokawa Movie.

After graduating from junior high school in 1989, she devoted herself to show business, and she got the Rookie award of Mainichi Movie Contest for "Our Seven Days War" and Japanese Academy Award for the Rookie. She appeared on the screen "Which Do You Choose?", the TV drama "Tears of Swan".

She got much attention with her calendar in which she wears Japanese fundoshi, and her nude picture book "Santa Fe" produced by Kishin Shinoyama.

She has debuted not only as an actress but also as a songster. She completed her CD album "Dream Rush" in 1990.

Though she is a beautiful, she does not pride herself upon it. She is cheerful and jocular person, so she is liked by everyone. She has moved in Los Angeles in order to rest for one year, but she is always paid attention. She came back to visit recently looking more beautiful and returned to the TV drama "Kyousou Kyoku" with Takuya Kimura and Masakazu Tamura.

People are always paying attention to her, especially to her relationship to males, and her health. Teh mass media was excited, for example, when she said good-bye to the sumo yokozuna, Takanohana

References: Jinmei Jiten

Reported by: Yamazoe Megumi
Data verified by: Tanaka Akiko
Date of Report: November 1996
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Updated by: Miyuki Nakanishi, May 1998

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