Famous People in Japan

Miyamoto Teru

Date of Birth 6 March 1947
Place of Birth Kobe

Teru Miyamoto was born in Kobe City. His date of birth is 6 March 1947. After he graduated from Otemon Gakuen University, he became a copy writer. In 1950, he began to write his first novel and quitted his job. He entered another companies, but quit again in 1952. In the same year, he was given the Dazai Osamu Prize for his novel, "Dorono-Kawa," and the 78th Akutagawa Prize for "Hotaru-Gawa." He was also awarded the Yoshikawa Eiji Literature Prize for "Yu-Shun." And he has published many novels one after another. Now he become one of the most famous writers in Japan.

The impression after you read his novels is, in a word, refreshing. Most of novels of writers in Osaka are sometimes said to be "greasy," but his novels aren't. The reason is the conversations in his stories.

His stories are often spoken with the Osaka accent, but the way he uses it is very good. Especially the woman's Osaka accent gives us a good expression. Moreover, his Osaka accent is funny and elegant different from one in TV or Manzai.

Maybe, it depends on the writer's personal character.

References: "Dorono-Kawa" August 1977, "Hotaru-Gawa" July 1977

Reported by: Kazuyo Yoshida
Data verified by: Sachiko Yoshida
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Hisako Kinoshita October 1997
Updated by: Kayoko Tsuchikawa, October 1998

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