Famous People in Japan

Miura Jun

Date of Birth February,2 1958
Place of Birth Kyoto

Miura Jun is a famous cult entertainer. He has a lot of talent, and is an essayist, a cartoonist, a musician and a producer. He liked watching movies and drawing pictures. When he was the student of Musashino Art University, he made his debut as a cartoonist in the monthly comic 'Garo'.

In 1997 he made a popular word 'My Boom' and got a grand prize for the most popular word of that year. 'My Boom' is kinds of movement inside ourselves. He had introduced to us a lot of interesting things as his 'My Boom'. For example, scribbling someone's face in picture called 'Rakugao', correcting many Buddhist images, going to fool and blockhead festivals in Japan called 'Tonmatsuri', taking pictures with a bronze statue. His current one is criticizing the votive picture in shrine which people write down their wish.

Now he has a slide show called 'Rockn' Roll Sliders' and makes many provincial tour.

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Reported by: Shuhei Ueda
Data verified by: Tohru Kobayashi
Date of Report: November 2001
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