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Original name ignorance
Place of Birth Fukuoka
Blood O
Height & Weight 153 cm, 40 kg

Misia is a popular singer. She is twenty years old. She has a range of five octaves. She says that she has imitated Maria Cary who has seven octaves. When she was twelve years old, she became interested in gospel singing. From sixteen to eighteen years old, she had learned genuine songs from a colored teacher who went to her sister's college for two years. Then she could acquire gospel. She likes R&B and black music. She has a petite physique and curious hair which is her trade mark. She is a second student of Seinan Gakuin University of Fukuoka.

She took an audition on May, 1997, then she made her debut "Tsutsumikomu Yoni" on February 21, 1998. She became famous at once. She is a new type singer and is going to be accepted as a excellent Japanese R&B singer by more many people from now on.

We can listen to her voice on the radio J-WAVE "Across The View" on Tuesday midnight.

Misia's CDs

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References: CD DATA, misia

Reported by: Okamura Keiko
Data verified by: Ohtsuji Rikiya
Date of Report: July 1998

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