Famous People in Japan

Misawa Mitsuharu

Date of Birth 18, June 1962
Place of Birth Saitama

Misawa Mitsuharu was born on 18 June 1962 in Saitama. In his high school days, he was an amateur wrestler and he was not so strong. He graduated from his high school and he entered All Japan pro-wrestling. He debuted on August 21, 1981. He became "Tiger Mask the second" (famous hero wrestler). First he was a junior class wrestler but his weight was up to that of a heavy class wrestler, so he became one.

He was becoming a strong wrestler by degrees. One day, he suddenly put off his tiger mask during a match and declared that he would make team "Tyousedaigun" (New Generation Team). He then teamed up with Kawada Toshiaki who was a member of amateur wrestling club in Misawa's high school. Misawa moves and jump very quickly during the pro-wrestling matches. He also became tenth and fourteenth champions which are called Sankan (three crowns) Heavy and seventeenth World Tag Championship.

Other All Japan pro-wrestlers say that Misawa is a "high wall" (takaikabe) and it's hard to climb to his position. But Misawa says that " I'm not a high wall but I'm hoping to become one." He is now 35 years old, but he is a top class wrestler of All Japan pro-wrestling and very strong.

Reported by: Masahiro Amano

Data verified by: Yosuke Murakami

Date of Report: October, 1997

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