Famous People in Japan

Michiba Rokusaburou

Date of Birth 1931
Place of Birth Ishikawa

When Rokusaburou Michiba was eighteen, he studied cooking in a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. Next he went to Kobe and Kanasawa to become an even better cook. a him good cook. His master, Yoshihiro Igaki, is the president of Daikyokai which is the most prestigious professional society for Japanese cooks. Rokusaburou and his master worked in a restaurant, named "Tokiwaya."

In 1968 he became independent of his master, who let him start his own restaurant, named Rokusantei. His cooking is unique, not conventional at all. For example, he once made tuna ice cream which surprised his guest very much. The guest was surprised at the fish dish and him. Of course it was delicious.

His hobby is singing Japanese traditional songs. He is interested in the art of flower arrangement, calligraphy, the tea ceremony, photography,and ceramic art. These thing also influence his cooking.

He is popular cook among young people, because he performs on TV in a program called "Ryori-no-tetsujin"("The steel man of cooking"). Every week he competes with another cook. He doesn't cook on TV "Ryori-no-tetsujin" now. When he is cooking he is very serious but, he is also friendly man and his looks like gentle.

He also appears some commercial messages.

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1992

Reported by: Mineyo Morita
Data verified by: Akane Kodama
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Yuki Hattori , October 1997
Updated by: Emiko Okamoto, October 1998

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