Famous People in Japan


NameFull NameBirthday
MinaAmeku MinakoDecember 29, 1977
RinaMatsuda RitsukoFebruary 26, 1977
ReinaMiyauchi ReinaJanuary 6, 1978
NanaTakushi NanakoMarch 25, 1976

MAX is a group of four attractive young Japanese females, that sing and dance. They have produced various singles, and two albums. Their music is very lively and it fits nicely in to the "J-Pop" category of music. The name Max actually stands for Musical Active eXperience, and watching them on stage is an active experience, for they perform a number of difficult dance moves, while the are singing at the same time. MAX used to be the back up group for Namie Amuro, called the Super Monkeys. Like Amuro they are from Okinawa, and like Amuro they are still quite young.

The names of their singles are:
Saturday NightKiss me Kiss me Baby
Tora Tora ToraSeventies
Get My LoveGive Me a Shake
Love Is DreamingHikari no Veil

They have produced two albums since they formed. The names of these are: MAXIMUM and MAXIMUM II

Nana apparently enjoys watching videos in her spare time (if she has any!) and also likes eating spaghetti. When asked what her charm point was she believes her eyes are, however she does not like her head. Interesting???!!!!???? When inquired about what sort of animal she likens herself to, she thinks she resembles a cat. Her favourite word/saying is YUME (Dream)

Reina says she her hobby is actually cleaning!!!! Wow. She really likes eating Carbonara as well - I wonder if she cleans and eats at the same time!!??!! She believes her charm point is the beauty spot just under her eye, but apparently hates her short fingers. A sea otter is what Reina likens herself too, probably not in appearances though. Her favourite word/saying is "Life has happiness and pain"

Mina's hobby or favourite past time is writing letters to her friends, and her favourite food is Natto (Japanese fermented beans) - definitely not number one on my list!! Her charm points include her eyes and fringe, but she hates her front teeth. Mina has no favourite word/saying but says she likens herself to a rabbit.

Rina likes collecting perfume, and her favourite food is strawberries - quite a good mix I think. She believes her dimples are her charm point, but she hates her thighs. Rina's favourite word/saying is "laughter" and says she likens herself to a fox.

The girls now not only sing and dance, but they have become models in fashion magazines, and have joined with the ROPE clothing label. Also they have signed an agreement with KOSE cosmetics firm, using their faces to sell KOSE products.

Reported by: Mat Harding
Date of Report: July 1998

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