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Matsuzaka Daisuke

Date of Birth 13 September 1980
Place of Birth Aomori

Matsuzaka Daisuke is the professional baseball player for the Seibu Lions in the Pacific League. He was born on September 13, 1980, and his birth place was Aomori. His weight was 4310g and his height was 52cm. He was a big baby. After a month, his family went back to his father's home in Tokyo.

He started kendo from five years old, but he quit it because his most favorite sport was baseball. When he was ten years old, his dream was to become the professional baseball player. He respects Masumi Kuwata and Hideki Matsui of the Yomiuri Giants who are the professional baseball players.

He began to be enthusiastic about baseball from the fourth grade at primary school. When he was the first grade at junior highschool, he had to change position from pitcher to fielder. Then he said that he wanted to quit baseball, but his father persuaded him for two hours not to quit baseball. He said that if he quit baseball now, he would not be able to win 100 matches in professional baseball. His father told him to continue playing baseball anyway, and he decided to continue playing baseball. Two years later, he became pitcher again in senior league when he was third grade at junior highschool.

He decided to going on to Yokohoma high school. In high school baseball in summer, he played perfect game. He was the third grade at high school.

After graduating from high school, he joined the Seiebu Lions of the Pacific League. His uniform number is eighteen. Eighteen is a pitching ace number. His popularity is rising because his smile gave good impression. He would become be great player anyway. His ability is top level.

His nickname is monster. From 1999 (his debut year) to 2001, he got the most wins as a pitcher in the Pacific League. Maybe he will become an American Major League player in the future.

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Reported by: Kiminori Tsubota
Data verified by: Takashi Shimamura
Date of Report: November 1999
Updated by:
Kurokawa Kouhei July 2002

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