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Matsuyuki Yasuko

Date of Birth 28 November 1972
Place of Birth Saga

Matsuyuki Yasuko is an atractive young actress, especially known for her good taste in clothes thanks to her original plan to become a fashion designer. Therefore she is very popular among young women.

She acted as a model while in high school. In 1991, after graduation, she came to Tokyo, and she was chosen the "Image Character" of TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). In the same year, she made her debut in a teleplay, "Nekketsu! Shinnu Shain Sengen." After that, she played in teleplays one after another. In 1993 she played the leading part in a comedy "Shiratori Reiko De Gozaimasu," and started her leap to fame. At present, she plays in "Best Friend." Also she has just made her debut as a singer.

She also plays an active part in commercials, where she costars with Hosaka Naoki, who is an actor and her lover. They became a popular topic of conversation. They impress us favorably, because they keep company openly.

Her works are "PA.TE.O," "Junia-Ai No Kankei."

References: Shintei Gendai Nihon Jinmeiroku 94,Vol.4

Reported by: Yukari Kawashima
Data verified by: Akiko Inagaki
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