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Matsu Takako

Date of Birth 10 June 1977
Place of Birth Tokyo

Matsu Takako's real name is Takako Fujima. Her father is Koshiro Matsumoto and her brother is Somegorou Ichikawa. They are famous as Kabuki actors. And her sister, Kio Matsumoto is an actress . Matsu Takako entered public entertainment course in Horikoshi Educational Institution. Now she studies in Asia University. Her hobby is watching movies, TV drama and cooking. And she has a license in Japanese dance.

She is active in stage dramas, TV dramas and TV commercials. In October 1993, she made her stage debut . After that, she played musical "Man of La Mancha", "Hamlet". In April 1994, she debuted in "Hana no Ran" which was a roman fleuve on NHK on TV. Her most important work is "Long vacation", "Konna watashi ni dare ga shita" and "Hitotsu yane no shita 2".

In 1996, she headed the red group of the 47th NHK's "Kouhaku Utagassen". In addition, in March 1997, she released her 1st single "Asu Haru ga kotara". It went to No,4 on the "Olicon" chart. And she released her 1st video "Sorano Kagami". It was produced by Shunji Iwai who is a famous director in Japan. And she was appeared on the move "Tokyo Biyori". And she acquired the golden Arrow prize for her performance..

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Reported by: Makoto Ishibashi
Data verified by: Daigo Iwai
Date of Report: December 1997
Updated by: Nayumi Takahashi, October 1998

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