Famous People in Japan

Matsushima Nanako

Date of Birth 13 October 1973
Place of Birth Kanagawa

Matsushima Nanako was an young actress. She was found out by a talent scout when she was a high school student. In 1991, she was selected as a campaign girl in swimwear at the Asahi-Kasei company and she had been active as a model in some fashion magazine,"ViVi" and so on.

After that she sometimes appeared on TV "Tonneruzu no Minasanno Okagedesu" which was one of very famous variety.

In 1995, she got much attention at the car's commercial "Avenil Salue" of Nissan company. In 1996, she was selected the heroine on morning drama at NHK out of 2011 applicants. The title of it is "Himawari" means a sunflower in English. She played a cheerful woman who aimed at being a lawyer and she was famous for all kinds of age people in Japan.

In 1997, she played together with Nagatsuka Kyozo on the film "Koi to Hanabi to Kanransya". That year she appeared many dramas "Kimigajinseinotoki" and "Konnnakoinohanashi". She is so active in TV or films now. She leads own full life and she will appear in a new drama begining in January, 1998.

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Reported by: Hattori Yuki
Data verified by: Junko Ito
Date of Report: December 1997

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